How stem cells work and help?

Fetal stem cells that we use in autism treatment positively affect all body organs and systems, and, first of all, this treatment targets the brain.

In autism, areas of brain regulating memory, concentration, attention, speech etc. are damaged.

Stem cell treatment improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain, replaces damaged neurons and stimulates formation of the new neuronal connections.

 I could keep going but you get the drift. G. still needs a lot of help in school but he has definitely changed since stem cells. They tell us he has more language, more focus and more intent and interest. And we are only 4 months out… 

We are so happy with the results, believe me. You are an awesome collective.

Patient: G.O., 14 years old, male, Canada

What improvements to be expected?

  1. Better tolerance of different foods and improved digestion.
  2. Easier contact with the child (first of all, eye contact).
  3. More adequate behavior at home and outside.
  4. Less or no fear of loud noises, strangers and bright colors.
  5. Improved verbal skills.
  6. Writing skills improvement or development.
  7. Improved self-care skills.
  8. Improved attention span and concentration.

Kai is doing AMAZINGLY well. His speech has improved dramatically. He went from 8 word to 20 word sentences. He is much more aware of everything and has learned how to READ! He is describing his feelings and telling me about his day at school....a question I have asked him over and over for years.

He is very conversational and his hand writing has also improved. He suddenly has amazing negotiating skills too!

Patient: K.C., 8 years old, male, USA

Stem cells effectivness

In order to be happy, autistic person should have:
  • Feeling that his life is well-planned.
  • Well adapted communication system.
  • Self-care skills.
  • Ability to study and work.
  • Leisure skills.
  • Communication skills.

Stem cell therapy is an effective and safe method of autism treatment and can help many children suffering from autism and autistic spectrum disorders of different degree. However, cell therapy is the dessert, not the main course, and integrated treatment (diet, educational program) is recommended for optimal results. 

When people see what is happening to B. and J. they will be excited to visit your clinic to help their children.

We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for J., there are no words to describe our gratitude only to say that we are in agreement with whatever you wish for us to do to make J. transition perfect for him.

Patient: J.G., 14 years old, male, Great Britain

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